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(Image by envydia )

Gift!Fic for Ana: Girl Time

Title: Girl Time
Summary: In which Suki is a bit lost and Toph takes the older girl under her wing. Also, schadenfreude.
Characters/Pairings: Suki, Toph, minor cameo of Zuko failing, implied Suki/Sokka
Rating: G/PG
Author’s Note: Gift!fic for analeisa , with the prompt: “Can I please have some Avatar fic? Suki and Toph bonding at an Avatar equivalent of a holiday celebration.” Appropriate icon is appropriate! XD

Apologies for the wait, m’dear! Hope you like! :)

Note to self: The Northern Water Tribe can’t throw a party halfway across a room, and Zuko is an idiot.Collapse )

Gift!Fic for Keeva: What Doesn't Change

Title: What Doesn’t Change
Summary: They have a routine when Maka comes back to Death City.
Characters/Pairings: Soul/Maka
Rating: G/PG
Author’s Note: Post-anime, because I haven’t got my hands on the manga yet. Gift!fic for keevacaereni , who requested something with grown-up Maka and Soul. Hope you like it! :)

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Gift!Fic for Timid: For the Children

Title: For the Children
Summary: Insano's thoughts on the 2010 donation drive are not exactly complimentary. Snippets from his point of view.
Characters/Pairings: All the guys and gals at the donation drive implied, but only Spoony, Linkara, Insano and SOI make actual appearances. No real pairings.
Rating: PG
Author's Note: Insano's views do not necessarily reflect my own. XD Also I tried to write this in chronological order, but there may be a few things I couldn't find the exact time of occurance on the wiki, and I sadly do not have the time to watch the whole drive over again, alas. Gift!fic for timidfox , with the prompt: maybe a small fic about insano sulking to whoever about not being invited to the TGWTG drive this year, maybe even commenting on it.

I hope you like it, dear! :)

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Gift!Fic for Falcon: The Battle

Title: The Battle
Characters: Linkara, Harvey Finevoice, 90s Kid, Ninja Style Dancer, Iron Liz.
Summary: Snowball fights are Serious Business.
Rating: G!
Author’s Note: Gift!fic for

Hope you like it, dear! :)

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Gift!Fic for Mary: Sakura's Party

Title: Sakura’s Party
Pairing/Characters: Sakura/Kakashi, with cameos from Sai, Sasuke, Naruto and Hinata
Rating: PG/PG-13.
Prompt: “If you'd like to try your hand at KakaSaku, could I get seasonal humor/fluff, ginger snaps, eggnog with too much rum, and a side of NaruHina?”
Author’s Note: Takes place in Happy Fun Land where everyone’s happy and alive and Sasuke has actually used his brain and come back. :D
Gift!fic for marybwolf ! Hope you like it! C:

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Title - Getting There Is Half the Fun (or, How Ed and Roy Both Fail At Driving)
Pairing/Characters - EdxRoy
Genre - Romance / Shameless Fluff (plot? What plot?)
Rating - PG
Prompt - Lost
I know, I know, there are no holidays in FMA. I’mma point to
this fic for a possible explanation for why they have it in this fic, though. >_>
I hope you like it, lizzie8d ! :)

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De-Anon: Phelous and Sean's Wedding

Title: Operation Wedding Crashers
Characters: A large part of the official TGWTG people, Treehousians.
Summary: Kink meme prompt: "Sean/Phelous. It's their wedding. The Treehouse crashes the reception. Hilarity ensues."
Rating: PG/PG-13
Author's Note: Written a few months ago, but our Treehouse is even bigger and better now!
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Gift!Fic for Emeriin : Pretend Normality

Title: Pretend Normality
Rating: Hooker!verse, but nothing explicit. PG-13, I guess?
Pairing/Characters: JewWario+PushingUpRoses

Randomly generated prompts: “To the laundromat,” and “out to play.” I... may or may not have seen Dr. Horrible recently. >_>
I apologize heartily to JewWario and PushingUpRoses. ILU PLEASE DON’T HATE ME
Belated birthday gift for Emeriin. I’m sorry it took so long and that’s it’s probably not as angsty as it ought to be. ;A; Curse my perpetual optimism! I hope it meets your standards of approval. :3
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Would anyone like a gift!fic from Mae?

Do you know what day it is, flist? According to this site, it's 47 days, 11 hours, and 2 minutes to CHRISTMAS. I would like to get all my friends something, but unfortunately a lack of time/money/TARDIS won't allow for it. :(

So, instead, anyone up for fic-requests? Give me a pairing or characters for gen!fic, genre, and a prompt or two, and I'll be working on them for the next two months and hopefully get all fics done before Christmas! :) They'll range from 500-2,000 words each.

You can request stuff 'til Dec. 15, shall we say?

(why, no, I haven't started today's NaNo writing session yet. MORE WRITING WILL BE GOOD FOR ME! IT'LL BUILD CHARACTER! *rimshot*)